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Joining our events will excite your motivation and give you the thrill of achievement. Working for you we will provide effective man-power and organise your logistics efficiently.

What we do...

Organising the ultimate challenges, celebratory dinners and sporting occasions, we run an ever developing programme of signature events and happenings that you can sign up for independently or join in with a group of friends and colleagues.

As well as our own events, we will deliver Absolute Challenges for individuals, groups and you.We will support, encourage and advise you how to make your event challenging but achievable. Working closely with our partners, individuals and charities, our experience will help you to achieve your goal; however ambitious.

Raising money for charity by creating events is a big motivation for Absolute Challenges but sometimes we want to do it because its exciting, fun and maybe it has never been done before.

Thinking of running an event?

From corporate events to an individual challenge, UK or worldwide, we have the logistical knowledge and expertise plus the technical skills and 'know how' to be able to deliver events or support you to run your own.

To be a sponsor or become a partner email us for more information: simonb@absolutechallenges.org

Talk to Absolute Challenges first for guaranteed precision, planning and peace of mind...